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Protect Our Future is an organization designed to help elect candidates who will be champions for pandemic prevention – candidates who, when elected, will have their eyes on the future.

Our country’s leaders failed to prepare for a pandemic experts warned for years was possible, and the result was more than a million preventable American deaths, trillions of dollars in economic damage, school closures, loss of freedoms, and untold suffering. Washington still has not learned its lesson, and has responded to the Covid crisis by underinvesting in pandemic prevention and leaving our country susceptible to another catastrophe, one that might be even worse next time. Our candidates are committed to safeguarding our nation from future global pandemics, so this is the last time in our lifetime, and our children’s lifetimes, that we will face the devastation that has gripped communities across the US since 2020.

A number of key principles govern the work we do and the candidates we support:

We can and need to act now to prevent the next pandemic.

We need real federal funding for pandemic prevention.

We must establish independent oversight of dual-use research including enforcement mechanisms to ensure safety and security.

We understand that government action can have a positive impact on people's lives.

We believe we can take steps now to protect our future.